New Climbs
19th March 2016 | Sections:  2016,  Ghar Lapsi,  New Climbs

New Bolted Route

We propose to name it “Panamandemonium”, and any reference to recent political scandals is absolutely casual... :)   read more

23rd October 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Events,  Malta

Not So Trad Southern LGBT Climbers in Malta!

A big shout goes out to the group of Not So Trad Southern LGBT Climbers who visited Malta and stayed with us at Basecamp over last week.   read more

23rd September 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Bolting

New Bolting Stuff

Just arrived, fresh from the bakery (or foundry more like).   read more

15th June 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Social

Unexpected surprise !

It's always a pleasure to meet legends of climbing , and even more when you do not expect it...   read more


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