Club Climbing Sessions are on hold

Hello members of MRCC and every climber out there.

Hopefully you are all well and healthy in these challenging COVID times.

Unfortunately, since the latest restrictions were announced last week, life has become very limited and many daily activities which used to be normal are not possible at the moment, including many sports. As a result of the new recommendations from the Health Authorities, the MRCC is not allowed to organize any climbing activities right now. This is very clear – no organised sporting activities, period. This means that our weekly Club Climbing Sessions are on hold at least until the 11th April, when hopefully restrictions will lift.However, this does not mean that climbing is not possible at all. According to the latest rules, it is still possible to climb in pairs. So that means two people together, not more. It will still be important to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between each other and anyone else at the crag, while enjoying our amazing sport. We would recommend that we wear masks even at the crag and only take them off when actually climbing up the rock face.

Let’s respect these safety measures and keep each other safe during these challenging times. Although it feels like our sport is being restricted, it is for a very good cause. This week the numbers of new cases has already dropped significantly, and this is what we want to hear. Let’s all work to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Together we can do this! Stay safe out there.

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