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Environment & Access
4th December 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Environment & Access,  Wied il-Ghasel

The MRCC's Access Initiative at Wied il-Għasel

The MRCC has just completed an important access initiative in Wied il-Għasel. A staircase which forms part of the Victoria Lines defensive wall...   read more

Environment & Access
4th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Environment & Access,  Victoria Lines

Requiem for the Rubbish at Crucifix Cave

Last Sunday's Club event involved more than just the usual climbing. MRCC Environment & Access Officer Roland Sultana came prepared to...   read more

Environment & Access
12th April 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Environment & Access

IMPORTANT NOTICE re access to Argentier - please advise all climbers!

Access to the climbing at Argentier is banned until further notice, after a request from the land owners made today...   read more

Environment & Access
27th March 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Environment & Access,  Wied Babu

Path to Wied Babu crags cleared of fallen logs

During one of the MRCC climbing sessions, Andrew Warrington and Roland Sultana sought to facilitate access to the climbing area in Wied Babu...   read more


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