Mgarr ix-XiniMgarr ix-Xini

13th December 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Bolting,  Mgarr ix-Xini

More bolting work in Mġarr ix-Xini

During last Thursday's climbing event in Mġarr ix-Xini in Gozo, the MRCC also had work to do on improving the bolting in the Champagne Walls area...   read more

13th December 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Mgarr ix-Xini

Sister island always has a lot to offer!

The MRCC planned another trip to Gozo last Thursday, and headed to Mġarr ix-Xini to tackle the tougher Champage Wall section.   read more

8th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Mgarr ix-Xini

Gozo Climbing a Success Despite Unstable Weather

The much-awaited climbing event on our sister island on Saturday turned out to be quite a success for beginner and experienced climbers alike...   read more

22nd June 2007 | Sections:  2007,  Bolting,  Mgarr ix-Xini,  Wied Babu

MTA/MRCC joint bolting project

Mgarr ix-Xini and Wied Babu are now fully-bolted sport climbing areas...   read more


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