An Afternoon of Strenuous Effort in Marfa Ridge Cave

The stormy weather which hit the islands on Sunday prompted the MRCC to head back to Marfa Ridge cave where climbers gathered to test their mettle on the mega overhangs all round.

After a warm-up on the only 6a route, to the far right of the cave, everyone attempted the attractive yet energy-draining route Crazy Monkey 7a+. Duncan Steele impressively led it almost to the top in no time at all. Andrew Warrington took the next lead rope up Crazy Monkey and carried on to the last bolt and made the final clip of the LO – but not without substantial hang-dogging of the last part of the climb. Jeffrey Camilleri led the next route along, which is even harder than Crazy Monkey, clocking in at least at 7b, with Adrian Debarro belaying him. Kurt Caligari had a go but did not get very far up this route. As the storm raged outside the cave, everyone was kept busy testing their technique and their muscle-power to the limit. Two Italian climbers also joined us on Sunday, and after struggling up the 6c near the entrance to the cave, Valter amazed everyone by top-roping Crazy Monkey to retrieve Andrew’s quickies as it was getting dark.

There are few other places on the island with so many challenging routes so close to each other. This fact lures even the most experienced hard climbers back for more punishment, again and again! The gang scrambled out of the cave almost in the dark, exhausted but already looking forward to their next trip to this unique area.

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