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The MRCC is actively engaged in improving access through the maintenance of footpaths, clearing away brambles and other obstructions, installation of access ladders and steps where needed, cleanups of valleys and crags and lobbying the authorities to support these efforts with signage and fencing to discourage further vandalism and dumping.

Improvement and maintenance of access to crags, clearing pathways and general cleanliness of the natural environment of popular crags is an issue which the MRCC regards as being of high priority and to which it dedicates substantial efforts. There is nothing worse than heading out to our favourite climbing areas for some recreation and finding the place littered with other people’s rubbish, trees broken and burnt and rubble walls damaged and dropped. It is important that every climber makes a personal commitment to respect and improve the environment which provides us with such a rich experience. To do this, everyone should keep to established footpaths, avoid fires at all costs, and take all their own rubbish out with them…and possible carry out a little more too, on a regular basis.

  • The MRCC gang clean Monolith Buttress!

    The MRCC gang clean Monolith Buttress!

    This crag has excellent beginner routes but was rarely climbed because of the rubbish and because it was a trad lead to make anchors at the top. A team of MRCC members met up and spent a few hours clearing away rubbish at the foot of the crag and especially the whole area to the […]

  • Climbing and Cleanup Event at Xaqqa Valley

    Climbing and Cleanup Event at Xaqqa Valley

    The MRCC just held its second Club Climbing Session in March, this time combining it with a much needed cleanup of Xaqqa Valley. More than 20 club members helped with the cleanup making it a pretty international affair with over 10 different nationalities represented, spanning the globe from Columbia to Pakistan! As many of you […]

  • A Small Christmas Gift to the Climbing Community from the MRCC

    A Small Christmas Gift to the Climbing Community from the MRCC

    Here is a small Christmas gift from the MRCC for the whole of the local climbing community, as well as all the keen abseilers who use Xaqqa valley for their activities. Over the last couple of days Roland Sultana, Kurt Caligari and I have installed a rung ladder at Xaqqa Chimney. Xaqqa Chimney has been […]

  • A Rare Visit to Wied Qirda

    A Rare Visit to Wied Qirda

    It’s been years since the MRCC last visited Wied Qirda, and by the looks of it not many others have been here either. We found the valley access by car has become a little better: it is possible to drive a little further in towards the crags, though this is not really necessary. The crags […]

  • The MRCC’s Access Initiative at Wied il-Għasel

    The MRCC’s Access Initiative at Wied il-Għasel

    The MRCC has just completed an important access initiative in Wied il-Għasel. A staircase which forms part of the Victoria Lines defensive wall where it used to cross this beautiful valley (it has mostly been washed away in the valley floor or blasted away by illegal activity in the quarry above), was exposed and cleared […]

  • Requiem for the Rubbish at Crucifix Cave

    Last Sunday’s event involved more than just the usual climbing. MRCC Environment & Access Officer Roland Sultana came prepared to clean up the awful rubbish that has accumulated in the cave through the efforts of Neanderthal BBQers whose idea of contributing to the environment is to leave everything they don’t eat behind especially glass, foil, […]

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