Welcome to the official site of the Malta Rock Climbing Club (MRCC)Welcome to the official site of the Malta Rock Climbing Club (MRCC)

The MRCC is Malta's longest established climbing club, its members being some of the islands' most passionate and committed hard-core climbers. The club regularly organises events and initiatives, and is responsible for some of the islands' major climbing projects.

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New Climbs
11th April 2021 | Sections:  2021,  Ghar Lapsi,  Malta,  New Climbs

Quarry steps gets new lines and new Corona wall crag!

New lines - both trad and sport - on Quarry Steps crag at Għar Lapsi (vide Malta Rock Climbing - the Comprehensive Guide) and a completely new wall we have called Corona Wall, just next door.   read more

30th March 2021 | Sections:  2021,  Social

Club Climbing Sessions are on hold

  read more

New Climbs
11th June 2017 | Sections:  Bolting,  New Climbs,  Wied Babu

Nuntio vobis, magnum gaudium, new routes!

In Wied Babu West, 4 new routes, or rather, 3 new routes and a trad route re-bolted.   read more

New Climbs
1st June 2017 | Sections:  2016,  Bolting,  New Climbs,  Wied Babu

More New Routing Activity by the MRCC

The MRCC has been active in installing more new routes for everyone to enjoy...   read more

New Climbs
1st March 2017 | Sections:  Bolting,  New Climbs,  Victoria Lines

New route in Crucifix Cave!

Proudly announcing the latest newborn (in terms of routes :)   read more


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