Welcome 2024!

The New Year is finally here, with the promise of so much rock climbing, sea level traversing and general enjoyment of Malta’s (few but especially beautiful) wide open spaces! It seems like this will be one of those winters when the weather never really gets cold and miserable, except for the odd day or two here and there. This means it is a great time to make the effort and get out to the crags as much as you possibly can.

We have already published our first activity of the year, a Club Climbing Session at Wied Babu on Sunday 7th January. This will be the first of what we hope to be a steady stream of club sessions over the course of the months ahead. Thanks to the generous time and dedication of experienced members such as Matthew Azzopardi, Hendrik Jan Klin, Justine Borg, Nicola Gatti, Nick Abela and others, we are able to keep up these sessions for the benefit of all.

During 2023, we had growing numbers of participants at each activity. It is great to see the community go from strength to strength with older participants coming back again and again while new people join and experience for themselves the amazing feeling of reaching the top of a climb, whether this be a small wall or something that seems to go on forever.

For all those who became members during 2023, we have some special treatment: if you paid for membership during the last two months of 2023, this payment is valid for the whole of 2024 also. If you became a member before the last two months of last year, then renew your membership during January and you will benefit from a discount on the annual membership fee of €25 (increased by €5 from last year). You can renew by clicking this link: https://www.climbmalta.com/membership-renewal/.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the crags over the course of 2024 – come on guys, let’s Rock!

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