Membership renewal

By renewing your membership with the MRCC, you continue to benefit from the opportunity to participate in all Club climbing events happening most weeks.

If you became a member during the last two months of last year, your membership payment counts also for this year, so no need to pay at renewal, just submit the form and remind us that your original membership was taken out recently in the notes.

By continuing to participate in our Club activities, you help strengthen our community, continue to learn about our sport and the unusual locations where we climb. You also can help in sharing what you have learnt with newcomers and give back a little to the sport you have enjoyed so much. Thank you for choosing to remain with us during this journey of discovery and personal enrichment.

Since you are already a member, renewal (payable through PayPal, via a bank transfer or by cheque) is only €20 for this year if paid by 31st January. Renewals made after that date will be at the usual price of €25.

Please note that if you renew using PayPal, a standing order will automatically be created that will renew your membership for two years after your first renewal. Naturally, if you wish to cancel your membership at any time, you can do so via your PayPal account.

We look forward to continuing to enjoy this amazing sport with you as a loyal MRCC member!

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