Requiem for the Rubbish at Crucifix Cave

Last Sunday’s event involved more than just the usual climbing. MRCC Environment & Access Officer Roland Sultana came prepared to clean up the awful rubbish that has accumulated in the cave through the efforts of Neanderthal BBQers whose idea of contributing to the environment is to leave everything they don’t eat behind especially glass, foil, cans, charcoal and plastic!

Roland Sultana brought the clean-up gear left over from the Club’s Xaqqa clean-up. Andrew Warrington brought the garden shears and industrial cutters. Marina Sciberras, Miriam Gauci, James Herrera and Duncan Steele started by removing the intransigent brambles which were impeding access to some of the potential new routes on the right hand side of the caves. James gardened the excess vegetation from Encore E3 6a.

The group cleared up and carried away and properly disposed of the appalling waste left by the BBQers, including numerous wine bottles and various metal cooking utensils which were serving as an attraction for insects and rats. The guys also cleared overgrown vegetation from the path leading to the cave to make access a little easier.

Let’s hope this cleaner and more inviting environment lasts for a while before the Neanderthals return…and may the environment here rest in peace!

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