An unprecedented number of climbers gather in Babu

Wied Babu was once again the chosen location for last Sunday’s MRCC climbing session – and the members of the MRCC were not the only ones to choose this valley due to the numerous and varied climbing routes it has to offer. The place was teeming with climbers, with at least 5 separate parties at the crags, as the area is gaining popularity with both locals and tourists alike. The MRCC climbers gathered on the East side, and relative beginner climbers Marina Sciberras, Cheryl Aquilina and Miriam Gauci successfully completed their first leads on Owl’s Nest Crack.

In the afternoon, the MRCC held yet another taster session for beginners to introduce more people to the sport. Some of the participants were very young, with ages ranging from 4 to 15 years, and they had 6 lines to choose from for their first climbs, from easy to challenging.

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