DWSing at Ghar Hasan – troglodyte climbing rocks!

Għar Ħasan was a great place to be for last Sunday’s climbing event, as the MRCC made the best of both the rocks and the calm deep blue sea, combining sea level traversing with a refreshing swim. This event was a new experience for most of the climbers who attended, as they had to get used to the idea (and freedom) of climbing horizontally without being tied to a rope. The rock features in the caves below Wied il-Mixta change as you make your way along a few metres above the water. There is a wealth of overhangs to pump yourself on, most with good landings. The first cave leads out to steep walls, which Fabienne just could not resist jumping off of from great height!

The summer heat and lure of the azure Mediterranean brought a number of foreign climbers along: Marek Zatko (Slovakia) and Kristiina Unkuri (Finland) were there, as well as German beginner Isabell Rider, experiencing her first time rock climbing (sort of) and British climber Duncan Steele. While most climbers opted for a well-earned and refreshing splash into the calm and clear sea once they reached the cave, Kurt Caligari led the way further on to a second cave, and was eventually followed by Miriam Gauci, Edward Sciberras, Claudine Gatt and Andrew Warrington. Fabienne and Jeffrey soon followed and then Fabienne took over the sharp end until the second cave had every possible hole touched and fondled!

The traversing offered very good practice for gaining arm strength and confidence-building. Once back on the hard, comments like ‘that was the most amazing place I’ve ever climbed’ began emanating from our visiting friends. Edward was happy to have spent his last day of climbing here, before heading off to Newcastle for three years to design the most advanced marine engine electics…

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