German Alpine Club Panorama article about Malta

In October 2009, Andi Dick, editor of DAV Panorama, which is the bi-monthly magazine of the German Alpine Club (DAV), was brought to Malta through the efforts of the MTA’s Sports and EFL Segment executives.

I was asked to prepare a program of climbs and provide any information Andi needed to write about climbing in Malta. I partnered him up with Roland Sultana, Claudine Gatt and Kurt Caligari who took him out to some of the most characteristic routes on Malta to give him a flavour of what the island has to offer. We stressed the unique character of climbing in Malta, in that we embrace both trad climbing and sport climbing and the two disciplines are developing side by side to the benefit of all climbers, both locals and overseas visitors. The article makes interesting reading, giving a personal view of a first-time visitor to our islands, who took time to experience both the climbing and the cultural side of what Malta has to offer.

Andrew Warrington MRCC.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Andi Dick, Editor DAV Panorama.

NB: the translation presented below is a rough-and-ready translation of the original text and some editorial license was used. There are some minor details which were inaccurate in the original text and they have been reproduced as presented in order to match the original.

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