Ix-Xaqqa access ladder

The MRCC is currently working on making access to a number of crags safer and easier.

At Xaqqa valley, the lower part of the descent to the sea was tricky at the best of times. When the sea is coming in on the prevailing Majjistral, the rock becomes treacherous, splattered with salt and rime. The descent required ropes and precarious gear – making it inaccessible except to the brave and foolhardy! The MRCC has now addressed this problem and installed a rung-ladder to allow safe access permanently to the lower valley area, where some beautiful easy multi-pitch slab climbs and one of the best sea level traverses can be found.

This infrastructural work entailed the installation of 8 marine grade stainless steel rungs in the lower decent of the gully at Ix-Xaqqa (Cave Pitch), leading to the starting point of the sea-level traverse around Xaqqa Island and the Great Face cliffs.

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