Learning to Fly Cave Bolting

Peter, Marek and I headed out to Learning to Fly Cave with drills and grinder. In a 3 hour session we managed to bolt one new line and rebolt an old (but gorgeous) one! The new line is a short, sharp route left of the trad route Flypie E3 5c which is on the outside face of the cave. It was spotted and marked by Nicola a couple of weeks ago and bolted with his encouragement. The old route is Attila the Hen, the pumpy 7a+ between LTF and Genghis Can’t. Both routes have been bolted/rebolted using titanium bolts. The new route is sponsored by MC Adventure in Malta. The rebolting of Attila the Hen is part of the work being done by the MRCC and MCC working together to make routes with old or defective bolts safe, the MRCC-MCC Rebolting Project. Test newly installed bolts before trusting them and then enjoy these new or revived climbs!

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