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As a member of the MRCC you benefit from the opportunity to participate in Club climbing events happening most weeks where you can watch, learn and climb with other members of the Club. There is plenty of gear provided for beginners, just let us know in advance so we can bring the necessary along. We organize regular Beginners' Sessions as tasters for people interested in the sport, and follow up sessions for those who wish to take rock climbing seriously.

Our Club is an excellent community of climbers of varying levels who support each other, share knowledge and encourage each other’s development within the sport. By climbing with the Club you get to know the best crags and get help with unfamiliar routes and climbing techniques. Additionally, Club membership helps fund socially responsible activities such as crag clean-ups, improvement of access to the crags, lobbying for funding and other initiatives that benefit climbers and anyone using the areas we climb in.


Membership is only 20 (payable through PayPal, via a bank transfer, by cheque) per year giving you access to a great climbing community. We look forward to welcoming you as a member!

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