More Defective Nutters!

Taking advantage of some free time over the Christmas holidays, the MRCC Bolting Team has done some more replacement of defective nuts, this time at Għar Lapsi. Over the last few days we have replaced defective nuts in a couple of sectors at Lapsi’s crags. These include the Commando Ratlines Butress and Learning to Fly Cave.

At Learning to Fly Cave we replaced the two nuts on the start of Genghis Can’t and the two hangers which had been removed from Rooftop Promenade 6c+ between GC and Hannibal. We also replaced all the nuts on Nicola’s new route right of Altar of Stone. At Commando Ratlines there was a Lower Off which I noticed this week had defective nuts. These have also been replaced.

At this point most of the defectives have been replaced. If you notice any more kindly send a private message via email or Facebook and we will replace them as soon as we have a moment.

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