More rock-cranking in ‘Le Droga’ Cave

The sheltered Terry’s cave in Għar Lapsi was the well-chosen location for a day of climbing practice on Sunday. After Saturday’s rain, the top rim of the cave was weeping copiously for the whole morning and some of the routes were wet, but enough was accessible to make it a great morning’s climbing. Terry’s Cave Direct VS 4c served as a good warm-up before climbers attempted the more challenging routes Bonny Prince Albert 5+ and Le Droga, Le Haxixa E2 5c. Relative beginner climbers Matthew Manderson, Thomas Mrozek, Marlon Vassallo and Miriam Gauci all made an amazing effort and achieved good progress on this latter route.

The more experienced climbers Roland Sultana and Andrew Warrington did all of the above and then threw themselves at Just Like Nothing on Earth 7b with its ‘leap of faith’ bucket hold and ligament-ripping grips further up – both of them succeeded in getting to the top with just 3 rests! Aside from this, they also identified a potential new route in Terry’s cave, a project to return to once the wet rock has dried up. The group was also joined by two beginners who were introduced to climbing during last month’s taster session, Chantelle Sciberras and Justin Psaila, and who now attempted the more challenging routes with considerable success.

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