MRCC Beginners’ Session attracts new talent!

On Sunday the MRCC’s April Beginners’ Session took place in Wied Babu to accommodate another group of people who were interested in taking up this great sport. After the Club’s usual morning hard climbing session on the east side of the valley, the afternoon saw the arrival of 19 people, all keen for the personal challenge ahead. The group consisted of a wide variety of ages, skills and nationalities, including a young lady of just 8 years!

Kurt Caligari gave his now legendary briefing and introduction to the sport after which the more experienced Club members provided practical support and safe belaying to the beginners on several climbs, which included some more challenging routes than usual. The group was a mix of nationalities (including Swedes, Slovaks and Maltese). The participant who stood out the most during this session was an eight year old girl called Jessica who persevered and managed to get to the top of her climb without encountering any serious difficulty or showing any hesitation along the way! Her older brother, needless to say, did not allow this to go unchallenged and he too made sure that his climb was completed in good form. Ruth, Rachel, Cliff (a guy, not a rock) and all the others also made excellent showings and are keen to come back again for more.

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