MRCC returns to Lapsi caves as weather gets cooler

The caves on the cliffs of Lapsi constitute one of the best locations for cold wintry days, offering shelter from the rain and plenty of sunshine all day long on clear days. On Sunday, the club opted for the Learning to Fly Cave, with its spectacular (and undeniably intimidating) view of the sea and island of Filfla down below.

Duncan Steel overcame his fear and made a good start by leading Ghengis Can’t 6b, which was then top roped by Marina, Miriam, Kurt and Keith. Kurt Caligari also led Altar of Stone E2 5c on the inside corner of the cave, which was also top roped by Spanish climber Joan. In the meantime, Miriam and Marina made it to the top of Learning to Fly E4 6a with Andrew’s guidance. Ulimately, Roland Sultana successfuly led Attila the Hen 7a, as he climbed up its vital tufas after years of practice. This bolted route was also led by Andrew Warrington and Duncan, despite the rain showers which hit the area early in the afternoon.

The group was thrilled to re-discover this stunning winter location after having stayed away from it all summer and is sure to return to this cave, as well as to the other caves adjacent to it in the weeks to come!

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