New lines established at Thaiwand Walls

Despite a wet start to the day, our enthusiasm for the new bolt line on Thaiwand Walls was not to be dampened by the weather. Andrew Warrington, accompanied by the unsuspecting Terezia Uherekova from Slovakia, headed out to the remote cave and abseiled in for a day of rock bashing. The new bolt line had taken three excursions to complete. The first saw the installation of the top bolt of the route, a LO at 20m, and an exit bolt on the upper slabs and the belay stance at the top. The second outing was used to drill and clean the holes for the main part of the climb, and the third session to insert these bolts was done in pitch darkness (obsession is a terrible thing!).

“Snatch” 6b 35m is a brilliant line on solid rock, taking the overhangs just left of “Lord of the Thais”. It is 20m to the LO, 35m to the top. It comes in at a solid 6b and has 8 bolts on the main climb. Easily deserving 3 stars, the line has two rests and a pumpy finish with some sneaky holds along the way.

“Dial 10-10-10 for Mojo” VS 4c 13m is another line completed on the same day, on-sight and using traditional gear. It starts on the wall facing “Circus Oz”, just at the point where the powdery rock turns solid. Taking a series of cracks left of the hanging corner, it is well protected and pleasant.

Go out and try these routes, they are a great addition to the established trio of routes on Thaiwand Walls. See Continuation Wall section of the Malta Rock Climbing guidebook page 119 for details.

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