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25th December 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Environment & Access,  Ix-Xaqqa

A Small Christmas Gift to the Climbing Community from the MRCC

Here is a small Christmas gift from the MRCC for the whole of the local climbing community to benefit from...   read more

2nd December 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Another day of work & play at Red Wall

The traverse pitch of Freebird was today rebolted with seawater bolts to make sure it is safe for a long time to come...   read more

28th November 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Bolting,  Ghar Lapsi,  New Climbs

Le Droga Le Ħaxixa goes sport!

Another sport route for everyone to enjoy in Terry's Cave at Għar Lapsi. I have today finally completed retro-bolting...   read more

22nd November 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Social

A Private Tour of HMS Illustrious

A few members of the MRCC Committee and friends were invited on board HMS Illustrious by Lt Col Jon Coomber RM...   read more


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