New Climbs
1st March 2017 | Sections:  Bolting,  New Climbs,  Victoria Lines

New route in Crucifix Cave!

Proudly announcing the latest newborn (in terms of routes :)   read more

New Climbs
30th January 2017 | Sections:  New Climbs,  Victoria Lines

And the Trump-ing does not stop there!

You thought Sunday morning was wet and miserable to warrant any climbing, right?   read more

16th January 2017 | Sections:  Bolting,  Ghar Lapsi,  New Climbs

Learning to Fly Cave Bolting

Just a note to let you know that some more bolting work was done yesterday at Għar Lapsi.   read more

1st October 2016 | Sections:  2016,  Bolting,  Ix-Xaqqa,  Malta

We Don't Stop Bolting and Rebolting (when necessary)!

Maybe not everyone knows it...   read more


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