Roof Promenade 6c – Michael Muller’s second new route on Malta!

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I had spent two long Sunday afternoons and evenings drilling in LTF Cave at Għar Lapsi. The result was a seriously overhanging new line between Ghengis Can’t 6b and Hannibal 7a.

This new line starts on the left side of the alcove and curves rightwards around the roof to end beneath the big block perched over LTF Cave. We thought the line would go around 7b because it is so overhanging but after Michael flashed it, then Roland on-sighted it, and finally Kurt on-sighted it, we realised that the grade was more likely to be around 6c. A few more ascents will confirm the grade. Michael called the route Roof Promenade because most of the time on the climb is spent hanging beneath rippling roofs!

While we were doing the work to bolt this climb, we also installed two new bolts on Ghengis Can’t. These serve to make the ascent more consistent at 6b and restore the line to the original one intended.

During today’s climbing, Nicola spotted a new line right of Altar of Stone and we began the process of bolting this new route…to be continued. I also took a detour and installed a top anchor between Spiny Norman and Commando Ratlines to replace the dangerous old tat which has been deteriorating in the sun there for decades.

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