Thaiwand walls revisited

A handful of MRCC members made their way down to the overhanging crags of Thaiwand Walls last Sunday, some with unfinished business to attend to. This was the 2nd visit to the location in less than two weeks for Andrew, Marina and Miriam, as the girls were determined to make further progress on Lord of the Thais E4 5c and Snatch 6b+. Roland and Andrew set up these two routes for the rest of the group to have a go at, and later attempted the much more challenging Circus Oz 6c.

Andrew also had a go at a potential new route to the left of Snatch, which will probably be graded as 6c. On the other hand, Edward kept persisting on Lord of the Thais until he completed over two thirds of this demanding climb, while Miriam managed to get over the second overhang of Snatch. All in all, it was a morning of incredible effort and marked progress for all climbers.

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