The MRCC welcomes the MCC

Recent years have seen a steep increase in interest in the sport of rock climbing in its various forms and the addition of another club to join the MRCC and the GCA (Gozo Climbing Association) in promoting the sport and providing activities and facilities to nurture this interest is very welcome. We are sure that the new club will bring new ideas and new initiatives to energise the already vibrant local scene.

All climbers the world over share a common passion for the breathtaking open spaces of the vertical world we inhabit. The cliffs of Malta present the most beautiful wilderness on our islands and as climbers we all share a responsibility to protect and preserve these places in their most natural state. In venturing out onto the cliffs, we must share the climbs, crags, valleys and access pathways with all climbers. Together, the local climbing community has always worked to ensure the best possible care for these treasures of Malta, thus preserving a safe, sustainable environment in which to climb and maintaining the pathways and surroundings of the crags in their natural state. We are confident that the new club will share these aims and that we will all work closely together for the benefit of the present and future climbing community.

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