Two New Sport Routes at the Left Edge of Il-Munqar Cave

A few weeks after Nicola and I had top-roped then installed two new sport lines in il-Munqar Cave at the Garden of Eden Crag, Nicola and Michael have returned to lead and grade them. The left route, which is Nicola’s is a 5c and he has called it The Pink Fairy, while Nicola and Michael thought my route was a 6b, which I think is generous (I suspect perhaps a 6a but can’t really say until I lead it myself). This one I called Double Trouble because it has two distinct layers, a first pitch starting below il-Munqar Cave and a second going up the side of that cave.

Both routes are fully equipped with bolts and LOs. Now that they have been tested, everyone can go out and give them a try! Any feedback on grades would be appreciated.

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