Wied Babu staircase installed

After completion of the Wied Babu Belvedere Project, access to Wied Babu from opposite the traditional parking area became difficult. The MRCC installed access steps directly opposite the parking area for the benefit of both trekkers and climbers visiting Malta’s premier klettergarten.

This entailed the design and installation of custom made metal stairs in such a way as to prevent visual disturbance of the belvedere’s parapet. The stairs are not easily noticeable from above but provide safe and easy descent to the start of the footpath leading down into Wied Babu.

Please keep strictly to the main footpath when going into and out of the valley and avoid dislodging stones to minimise the impact of trekkers and climbers on the surrounding countryside. Babu is perhaps the most beautiful valley in Malta, and it is our favourite playground. Let’s make sure our use of it is sustainable and that we preserve it for future generations of climbers.

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