Xaqqa Valley’s much needed clean-up

7 long years have passed since the last MRCC Xaqqa Valley Clean-Up in 2004 and Xaqqa was once again crying out to be cleaned up. A group of volunteers gathered in Xaqqa last Saturday, all equipped for the task ahead, and it took them all morning to clear the valley of the curious variety of dumped objects that had accumulated over the years. Some of the volunteers ventured as far down as the sea to collect the rubbish that had gathered, and later formed a human chain to efficiently carry the full rubbish sacks up and out of the valley.

With the collaboration of the MTA, the MRRA, the Spider Team of the Civil Protection Department, Malta Outdoors, Charlie Ellul, Media-Consulta and a very hard-working group of volunteers, the MRCC can proudly say that no one remembers Xaqqa Valley this clean in their lifetime! 2 skips, one boat cabin, several car parts, one fridge, one ladder, one dismembered pig and a bathroom were amongst the numerous dumped objects to be winched and carried out of the valley to be disposed of. The club would like to thank everyone for coming along on a public holiday to contribute to this much needed task. LET’S ALL WORK TO KEEP THE VALLEY CLEAN FROM NOW ON!

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