Yet another successful beginners’ event!

The last beginner taster session organized by the MRCC this year proved to be yet another success, as a group of around 20 people gathered in the West side of Wied Babu with its slabs of varying difficulty.

James, Duncan, Marina and Miriam set up about 7 sport routes ranging from VS 4c to 6a in the Flying Arete area, then helped total beginners put on a harness and instructed them how to tie onto the rope properly before climbing. Several participants who attended past beginner sessions throughout the past year also joined in this event, and it was very satisfying to note the incredible improvement these climbers made. Not only did their climbing technique improve considerably, but some were also able to help with belaying total beginners under supervision.

Everyone had the opportunity to try two or more climbs on Saturday, and a lot of the beginners made it to the top of their attempted routes thanks to the excellent guidance from club members and continuous shouts of encouragement from their ‘spectators’. The group packed up to leave at about 3 pm, as the first drops of rain hit the area.

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