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  • Improving the infrastructure!

    Improving the infrastructure!

    Aylwyn and Andrew spent the afternoon improving existing and installing new top anchors on some of the routes on the tower. New anchors on routes 7, 8 and on Predator, abseil ring installed on route 10 to make for a safer descent from all these lines. Such a great place to climb with all those […]

  • New Bolting Activity

    New Bolting Activity

    For the fun of anyone who likes mid-grades (around 6a) 🙂Climb carefully, as this crag has a pattern of falling things (last thing that fell today was a pliers!), so wear a helmet at the base and also while climbing. Also some rocks may fall while the crag gets more traffic… a big one is at […]

  • More Defective Nutters!

    Taking advantage of some free time over the Christmas holidays, the MRCC Bolting Team has done some more replacement of defective nuts, this time at Għar Lapsi. Over the last few days we have replaced defective nuts in a couple of sectors at Lapsi’s crags. These include the Commando Ratlines Butress and Learning to Fly […]

  • Defective Nuts Replaced

    Defective Nuts Replaced

    About two weeks ago we realised that the nuts which were supplied with our most recent shipment of bolts from Fixe were defective – they were not made of 316 marine steel as indicated by the manufacturer’s markings on the nuts, but of some inferior metal. The defect was noticed by three different sources from […]

  • New 7b Sport Route at Honey Buttress – Virgin Bolter!

    New 7b Sport Route at Honey Buttress – Virgin Bolter!

    What a fantastic day for climbing yesterday, after the dreary weather we’ve had. The MRCC gang made the most of it with a great crowd of people turning up to enjoy the sunshine. The beauty of Honey Buttress is that it has trad and sport climbs, both easy and difficult. While I warmed up on […]

  • Permanent Ban on Climbing in Chapel Cave

    Permanent Ban on Climbing in Chapel Cave

    It is now definite that no climbing is permitted in Chapel Cave at Wied il-Għasel. After discussions with the caretakers of the Chapel, the Mosta Local Council and the Curia, it is confirmed that all climbing within the area delineated by the metal fence around the cave is banned. Most of the bolts which were […]