20th May 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Bolting,  Il-Karraba & Rdum Rxawn

Improving the infrastructure!

More work done to improve the infrastructure, this time at Rdum Rxawn, Mistra.   read more

10th May 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Bolting,  Victoria Lines

New Bolting Activity

Chapel Buttress - Mosta Valley: Bolting Finished   read more

New Climbs
5th March 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Ix-Xaqqa,  New Climbs

New Multi-Pitch Route at Ix-Xaqqa

I am happy to say that I have finally completed bolting my multi-pitch route at Xaqqa Sea Slabs called Salamanca.   read more

4th January 2015 | Sections:  2015,  Bolting,  Ghar Lapsi

More Defective Nutters!

Taking advantage of some free time over the Christmas holidays, the MRCC Bolting Team has done...   read more


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