MRCC End of Year Report

Dear MRCC members

Attached you will find a PowerPoint presentation which I presented at the MRCC End of Year Party on 29th December. This is a report of the activities and achievements of the MRCC during 2011.

I must say that when I came to compile this presentation, I was amazed at the amount that we were able to achieve together during the year. We had four separate access and environmental initiatives, 15 beginners’ sessions, established 12 new routes, installed an incredible number of bolts and lower-offs, organised or participated in photoshoots and filmshoots to promote Malta as a climbing destination, and much more besides. This is aside from at least 50 climbing sessions, one every weekend of 2011.

One other very important achievement was that some of the members who joined the MRCC in 2010 progressed to become capable of leading climbs harder than 6a. Miriam, Marina, Edward and some others made the leap from beginners to dedicated climbers pursuing every higher grades of difficulty. Miriam even completed her first multi-pitch climb in the French Alps!!

We should all be proud of our work. The dedication of the Committee members and those members who help out at our events have produced great results. Thanks also to all of you who have joined the MRCC and who attend our events, without your help and motivation all this would not have been possible. It is you the members who provide the enthusiasm that keeps us active on the Committee.

I am really looking forward to see what we can achieve in 2012. Keep tackling those vertical challenges, respect the environment where we practice our favourite sport, take care of others – and yourselves – while at the crag…and watch this space for the latest news about the vibrant climbing scene on our tiny island!

Andrew Warrington

MRCC President

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