Wied BabuWied Babu

2nd December 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Another day of work & play at Red Wall

The traverse pitch of Freebird was today rebolted with seawater bolts to make sure it is safe for a long time to come...   read more

22nd August 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Freebird is back in business!

After two visits to Wall of Wonders in full bolting kit, the first ending with a jumar ascent in pitch darkness...   read more

18th August 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Warning of Danger - first case of SCC in Malta!

On Tuesday 14th August, while leading two friends on Freebird 6b a bolt at the first stance failed...   read more


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