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  • German Alpine Club Panorama article about Malta

    In October 2009, Andi Dick, editor of DAV Panorama, which is the bi-monthly magazine of the German Alpine Club (DAV), was brought to Malta through the efforts of the MTA’s Sports and EFL Segment executives. I was asked to prepare a program of climbs and provide any information Andi needed to write about climbing in […]

  • Installation of Lower-offs (LOs) on Piton Route

    Installation of Lower-offs (LOs) on Piton Route

    Piton Route on Great Face slabs at Xaqqa Valley has been fitted with 3 abseil-points/stances. The route can now be abseiled in three sections and lead using the new placements as stances. From the start it is 15m to the 1st stance, 30m to the 2nd stance and 30m to the top anchor (all distances […]

  • Ix-Xaqqa access ladder

    Ix-Xaqqa access ladder

    The MRCC is currently working on making access to a number of crags safer and easier. At Xaqqa valley, the lower part of the descent to the sea was tricky at the best of times. When the sea is coming in on the prevailing Majjistral, the rock becomes treacherous, splattered with salt and rime. The […]

  • Installation of new Lower-offs (LOs) on Wied Babu west side crag

    Installation of new Lower-offs (LOs) on Wied Babu west side crag

    The Maltese Falcon; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; West Side Story; High Noon/Sly Goon; & Bogies Wall/Toqbi now each have a 316 stainless steel snap-link LO installed. When you reach the top of your climb, simply clip in and your belayer can lower you down, no hassles with finding belays and collecting them afterwards!

  • Blue Grotto Promontory has two new sport routes

    Blue Grotto Promontory has two new sport routes

    Two new fully bolted sport routes have been established at Red Wall, adding to the already outstanding selection of climbs on this magnificent wall. Rum Line 5c 35m is a new bolt route established by Andrew Warrington and Andy Hooper over the Christmas holidays 2010. It was marked, drilled and bolted on the 29th December, […]

  • Red Wall Promontory

    Red Wall Promontory

    Earthquake Corner has finally been cleaned of all those corroded alloy bolts that were a liability and an eyesore on this beautiful climb. The climb has been restored to its original trad configuration and shall be left this way. The ring at half height has been left in place because it is necessary for abseiling […]