31st December 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Bolting,  Ix-Xaqqa

Installation of Lower-offs (LOs) on Piton Route

Piton route on Great Face, Xaqqa sea cliffs, has recently been enhanced with the installation of 3 LOs...   read more

30th December 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Installation of new Lower-offs (LOs) on Wied Babu west side crag

The following routes have had LOs installed at the top of each climb...   read more

Environment & Access
30th December 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Environment & Access,  Ix-Xaqqa

Ix-Xaqqa access ladder

Easy access for all to the lower Xaqqa gulley crags...   read more

29th December 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Bolting,  Wied Babu

Red Wall Promontory

Earthquake Corner has finally been cleaned of all those corroded alloy bolts that were a liability and an eyesore on this beautiful climb...   read more


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