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New Climbs
23rd February 2014 | Sections:  2013,  Continuation Wall,  New Climbs

Two New Sport Routes at the Left Edge of Il-Munqar Cave

A few weeks after Nicola and I had top-roped then installed two new sport lines in il-Munqar Cave at the Garden of Eden Crag...   read more

14th June 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Continuation Wall,  Events

The MRCC visits Continuation Wall

Some MRCC members chose to attempt the famous but less frequented Continuation Wall E1 5b last Sunday...   read more

10th October 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Bolting,  Continuation Wall

New lines established at Thaiwand Walls

Despite a wet start to the day, our enthusiasm for the new bolt line on Thaiwand Walls was not to be dampened by the weather...   read more


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