19th September 2010 | Sections:  2010,  Bolting,  Ix-Xaqqa

New bolting initiative at Xaqqa Valley

The MRCC has continued to improve the infrastructure at Xaqqa Valley...   read more

Environment & Access
1st September 2004 | Sections:  2004,  Environment & Access,  Ix-Xaqqa,  Wied Babu

Wied Babu and Xaqqa Valley cleanup in a day!

The idea for this particular cleanup came from Richard Abela on the occasion of Clean Up the World Day 2004...   read more

Environment & Access
31st March 1996 | Sections:  1996,  Environment & Access,  Ix-Xaqqa

Cleanup of Xaqqa Valley, March 1996

It all began in January 1996. The offending Mercedes has lain at the bottom of Xaqqa valley for over two years...   read more


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