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  • Quarry steps gets new lines and new Corona wall crag!

    Quarry steps gets new lines and new Corona wall crag!

    Hi Guys, So while Mark and I have been busy developing a new multi-pitch at Xaqqa (almost there, but not quite), Nicola, Mark, Carolina, Marko and I have also been busy during COVID developing new lines – both trad and sport – on Quarry Steps crag at Għar Lapsi (vide Malta Rock Climbing – the […]

  • Learning to Fly Cave Bolting

    Learning to Fly Cave Bolting

    Peter, Marek and I headed out to Learning to Fly Cave with drills and grinder. In a 3 hour session we managed to bolt one new line and rebolt an old (but gorgeous) one! The new line is a short, sharp route left of the trad route Flypie E3 5c which is on the outside […]

  • More and more new routes!

    More and more new routes!

    The result is new routes and improved existing routes, for the enjoyment of the whole climbing community 🙂At Cat’s Arches, there are now two new routes, one a 6c and another a 6b, both quite nice and long, about 25 meters. They are shown in the attached new topo, respectively as route no. 2 “The […]

  • New Bolted Route

    New Bolted Route

    Last Sunday Andrew Warrington and I bolted a new line in Cobra Cave, Right Wall. It has not been lead-climbed yet (as far as we know, but please feel free to go and climb it!) but we think it’s around 6b or 6b+, to be confirmed. We used indestructible titanium for both the bolts and […]

  • More Defective Nutters!

    Taking advantage of some free time over the Christmas holidays, the MRCC Bolting Team has done some more replacement of defective nuts, this time at Għar Lapsi. Over the last few days we have replaced defective nuts in a couple of sectors at Lapsi’s crags. These include the Commando Ratlines Butress and Learning to Fly […]

  • Roof Promenade 6c – Michael Muller’s second new route on Malta!

    A couple of weeks ago Michael and I had spent two long Sunday afternoons and evenings drilling in LTF Cave at Għar Lapsi. The result was a seriously overhanging new line between Ghengis Can’t 6b and Hannibal 7a. This new line starts on the left side of the alcove and curves rightwards around the roof […]