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18th February 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Events,  Ghar Lapsi

The MRCC February Club Climbing Event

The next MRCC Club Climbing Event will be on Sunday 26th February at the Twin Caves area of Għar Lapsi...   read more

30th January 2012 | Sections:  2012,  Events,  Ghar Lapsi

Cold Weather does not Deter Climbers from their Sunday Exercise

As temperatures dropped below average even for this time of year, the MRCC sought shelter in the caves of Għar Lapsi for the Club's Sunday event...   read more

1st December 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Ghar Lapsi

A Shift to Twin Caves at Għar Lapsi

For the third time in several weeks the MRCC returned to Għar Lapsi, this time to the Twin Caves area...   read more

21st November 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Ghar Lapsi

Celluloid and Rock mix at Terry’s Cave in Għar Lapsi

The MRCC headed to Terry's Cave at Għar Lapsi and presented videographer Bryan Azzopardy with excellent models and material for the MTA video he is making with the MRCC...   read more


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