29th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Ix-Xaqqa

Over 30 people attend Saturday's event for beginners!

As the days are getting shorter, the summer evening sessions for beginners which had been gaining popularity have come to an end...   read more

16th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events

Sheltered from the Elements in Marfa Cave

With the onset of bad weather last Sunday, it was difficult to imagine us enjoying the great outdoors. Yet, on the Northern tip of our island...   read more

8th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Mgarr ix-Xini

Gozo Climbing a Success Despite Unstable Weather

The much-awaited climbing event on our sister island on Saturday turned out to be quite a success for beginner and experienced climbers alike...   read more

Environment & Access
4th October 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Environment & Access,  Victoria Lines

Requiem for the Rubbish at Crucifix Cave

Last Sunday's Club event involved more than just the usual climbing. MRCC Environment & Access Officer Roland Sultana came prepared to...   read more


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