14th June 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Continuation Wall,  Events

The MRCC visits Continuation Wall

Some MRCC members chose to attempt the famous but less frequented Continuation Wall E1 5b last Sunday...   read more

New Climbs
6th June 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  Fomm ir-Rih,  New Climbs

A day out in the wilderness at Fomm ir-Rih

Except for the occasional solitary fisherman, few people venture out onto the edge of the cliffs at Fomm ir-Rih...   read more

30th May 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Events,  New Climbs,  Wied il-Ghasel

A lively morning down in breezy Wied il-Għasel

The MRCC once again returned to Mosta Valley last weekend, to hide from the sun’s increasing intensity at the Honey Buttress area...   read more

29th May 2011 | Sections:  2011,  Bolting,  Wied il-Ghasel

LOs inserted and bolting work done on Honey Buttress

After the morning's climbing at Honey Buttress, Andrew Warrington and Edward Sciberras spent the afternoon...   read more


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